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Therapeutic services for adults, children and couples


At Callaghan Counselling and ABA Services, you can speak to a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist in a confidential, professional and sensitive setting.  If you feel that counselling is something you would like to explore, please contact us today via phone call, email or sms. Flexible appointment times are available.



Many of us will at some point in our life experience a strain placed on our mental health. This can manifest in any number of ways and may perhaps stem from an issue which has concerned us for most of our life, or be the result of an unexpected experience that has left us struggling to cope.


Sometimes the best way to take steps towards positive mental health is to take action - be it making changes in your day to day life, or talking to someone about how you are feeling. There may be times when the support of those around you (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) is not enough, or perhaps you feel you can't bring particularly sensitive issues to them. In such circumstances professional support may be required and this is where collaborating with a trained therapist can help.


Perhaps you are concerned that your child is exhibiting problem behaviour. Applied Behaviour Analysis can offer interventions for a number of problems like sleep and eating issues, tantrum behaviour, anger/aggression and social skills. Such interventions can also be utilised with older children with issues like screen time and self-harm.


Difficulty managing our psychological stress can lead us to developing coping strategies that over time can create problems for us in our lives and relationships. Such strategies may perhaps manifest for example, as unhealthy behaviours, depression, anxiety, anger, isolation, eating disorder, low self-esteem and much more.

Issues that you may like to discuss in counselling:


Couples Counselling

Child & Adolescent Behaviour Therapy


Sexual Issues
Self - Esteem

Work Issues

+ many more

Applied Behaviour Analysis can help with the following issues:


Injurious Behaviour

(biting, scratching, kicking, etc.)

Sleep Disturbance

Food Aversion

Eating Disorder



How Counselling Works
Counselling Drogheda

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What is ABA?
Applied Behaviour Analysis Drogheda

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Child Behaviour Therapy

Why counselling may be an option
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