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What is Counselling?

Counselling offers people the opportunity to meet with a caring professional.

A counsellor is someone who has been trained in a variety of different frameworks that can help clients address their problems in living and give them the resources to manage them into the future. Counselling takes place in a safe and confidential setting. It is an environment where the client is heard, taken seriously and afforded time and space that may be lacking elsewhere in their lives. A counsellor will not label you or think ill of you - instead, they will enter into a healing relationship with you.


People may choose to attend counselling for a wide variety of reasons. Some may come because they suddenly find themselves in a crisis situation and are struggling to cope, whilst others may choose to speak to a counsellor about an issue that has been troubling them for as long as they can remember. A counsellor can help you explore your experiences from a new perspective and facilitate your understanding of them. 

The following are examples of issues councelling may be able to help you with:

  • the loss of a loved one due to bereavement or the ending of a relationship

  • issues with confidence and self-esteem

  • obtaining a better sense of self

  • relationship difficulties

  • issues with sexual identity

  • stress in the home or workplace

  • trauma

  • depression

  • managing your feelings in a crisis

  • finding your own voice and sense of autonomy

  • insomnia

These are just some examples of what someone may bring to counselling. Some problems can be worked through in just a few sessions, while others may require a long term commitment. At Callaghan Counselling and ABA Services, we welcome all individuals. If you feel that keeping your problems to yourself is no longer effective, then you may well benefit from the experience of counselling.

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